Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to NOT do drawing tutorials!


Lately... I have been watching a lot of various drawing tutorial videos on Youtube, and one thing I noticed is that when people make mistakes they are usually edited out. There are, however, times when people do make mistakes but do not call attention to what they have done wrong on camera. They just use a little bit of "improv acting" and play it off like nothing happened, or as if they meant to do it.

I personally find this amusing on so many levels. For starters, no matter how skilled you are- you are going to make mistakes now and then. Especially on camera- there are many things that can (and sometimes will) go wrong. So I thought I would make a drawing tutorial that starts off fairly normal, and gradually builds up the "mistakes" I make along the way. The ending of the video results in me having wasted a huge amount of time...

Anyway, I hope that everyone reading (and watching) this "gets" the humor of this video. Even though everything in this video was planned before recording, it doesn't matter! The moral of this video is to not be afraid to make mistakes! It happens to everyone!

Until next time, enjoy!


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