Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Reverse" Criticism

I was having a conversation earlier today with a friend at work, and the subject of criticism came up...

One thing I have found strange about myself is that I do not mind criticism at all. I think the more honest someone can be with what I do, the more motivation I will have to prove them wrong and/or do it better the next time. That is not what bothers me; what does is this- being complimented.

Sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? I suppose so. Not so sound full of my myself or anything, but I remember always feeling guilty trying my absolute best in art classes back in school, because I knew I would get attention that I didn't necessarily want. At times, I felt bad that the person sitting next to me put in 20 hours on a project, and I only put in 10 - and mine (sometimes) looked better. Then again, sometimes another person sitting near me in art class made mine look like it was done by a 5 year old with some crayons, you know?

I guess it is part of being humble? I am not sure. For some reason I do not take compliments very well, other than a quick "thanks"...and that's it. That's not to say I don't want people to like my work; I do- I just prefer when people tell me something I can improve upon, as well as the good stuff!

Did any of that make sense to anyone reading this? I sure hope so, took about 20 minutes for me to type all this.

In WashedupTV news, I recently finished a Tim Burton speed painting video and A "50s Meets the Twilight Zone" video on my channel, so be sure to check them both out if you haven't already.

The next video I think I will be doing is a speed painting of Danny Elfman w/ stay tuned!


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